Professional Mobile Game and Web Development

Relander Multimedia is the home of the Silver Games Project and a place to experiment with different programming methods and technologies. Primarily working with C# and XAML (what used to be called Silverlight) to talk to WCF services on ASP.NET servers with MSSQL backends.

Latest development work includes native applications for the Windows and Windows Phone platforms. We are also available for contract development. Inquiries are welcome.

Latest Games

  • Checkers
  • QuadLink

Latest Tutorials

  • XGalaga.NET - Porting XGalaga to .NET using C# and XAML

Latest News

Site Upgrade Notice - Posted May 4, 2014

The Game Tutorials section of the site is now online. We start with XGalaga.NET, a tutorial on porting XGalaga to .NET using C# and XAML for the Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 8, and Silverlight 5 platforms.